About Us

About Metamelon

Metamelon is the world’s first design magazine that deals with the ‘behind-the-scenes’ of a design process. Every design process has its own ‘behind-the-scenes’ metathinking process which plays an important role in manifesting the physical aspects of design into reality from our minds. Everyone’s metathinking is unique in its own way. Most of us are not aware of our own metathinking processes behind all our design processes because, it happens sub-consciously. In order to improve the creativity and efficiency of the manifestations, every designer needs to be aware of this ‘behind-the-scenes’ process, so that We can evolve our ideologies, explore new processes and mitigate our flaws.

About the team


Adhithi Rajan, Co-founder
An intense young woman who always loves to sprawl her transcendent psychotic nexus across people’s lives. Her unconscious surges of curiosity and meaning making is something to look out for. Looking to look beyond and deep, her perceptions are a method of play with emotions and thoughts. Sharing her phenomenal skills of meaning making with a motto to pally this mundane physical existence with awareness,  she is the psychologist in our team and incepts what we do at Metamelon. 
Send her a hi or give her a compliment at adhithirajan@metamelon.com



Ranjith Kumar Servii, Co-founder
A self-nurtured thinker and a moving generator of ideas, he is the kind of person you would want to meet at least once in your life. Basking calmly in a covert pool of wit, beaming with insights to be launched every day, he is the designer in our team. His dream, his baby, he wants Metamelon to serve as a medium that allows the mutual exchange and encouragement of intellectual and mindful techniques of thought. A lover of virtues, the favorite child of orators and the rock of diligence, he wants to give as much as he has got.

Connect with him at rannachi@metamelon.com